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The Poodle (and dog) blog
Celebrating the remarkable, the ordinary, and the very funny dogs who live among us.

Hudson Im Kind Of A Big Deal
This is a humorous blog written through the eyes of an incredible handsome, smart Boston Terrier to try to educate people about dogs.

Dog Tails
This blog, from DogWatch Hidden Fences, shares the latest dog training and dog health tips with dog lovers everywhere.

All About Dogs
This dog-owners' bible covers everything you need to know about caring for your pet from birth through to old age. There is a practical advice on choosing and caring for a puppy, feeding, grooming, traveling, dog ailments, and the vet.

Community of Dogs and Puppies Lovers
Site for dog lovers, a perfect place to read/write articles and post comments to each article, where everyone has their own private blog and photo gallery where the most interesting things are published from puppies' lives. Users can add dogs photos to the gallery, films, and much more. There is also a place for community ads - most of them are from professional breeders.
The ultimate resource for puppy information, products, links, and pictures.

Feeding A Dog
Feeding a dog focuses on providing dogs with the best and most nutritious foods possible in order to ensure their vitality and longevity.

Dog Owners Guide
Lots of dog informational articles, dog breed information, training tips, health information, and more.

Digital Dog
Dog training information, dog bite prevention, a complete directory of breed listings, information about adopting dogs from animal shelters, and a dog forum.
Sign up for a free daily email of cute dog pictures and puppy photos. Shop our online pet store for the best organic dog food, dog treats, natural remedies, natural pet food, and pet supplies. Watch adorable videos, submit your dog's photo, and more!

A Tale For Max
Web Site inspired by a rescued dog from the PA SPCA. Includes pet rescue links, pet memorial, FREE desktop calendar, FREE Ringtones, java script games, and web site development tips and tricks.

Natural Dog Products
Natural dog products and tips for dog lovers.

Buffy - My Life as a Dog
Buffy is protector of dog interests and best friend to humanity.

Thrifty Dog
Money-saving ideas to keep your dog happy and active. Make your own dog toys and accessories. Reduce your dog's carbon pawprint.

Bloggie Doggie
An "all dog" site that features dog information, funny dog photos, product reviews and a doggie blogger, M.A. Barker.

Dog Pictures
The National Petrait gallery want your animal photos. We're looking for photos of cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters, you name it. Join us in our Guinness World Record attempt to create the largest gallery of pets ever! Want to get involved? Upload your pet animal photos today.

The Doggy World
Everything about dogs!

Kids Hike, Dogs Hike
Kids Hike, Dogs Hike encourages kids to explore the great outdoors with their best friend at side. Dog specific hiking tips, hike-planning resources, nature news, videos and activities, and a forum for posting shared adventures and photos online.

The Dog Express
The Dog Express is an online newspaper dedicated to dog owners and pet lovers offering news, articles, how-to's and great giveaway prizes. We also have a free directory for pet products and services and guest post submissions.

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