Barking Bullies
Barking Bullies dedicates in providing merchandises of cute pit bulls, english bulldogs, french bulldogs, and bull terriers from home decor to clothing. We also provide dog products.

Pooching Around
Guides, Tips, Health Care & More - PoochingAround is the ultimate dog care resource packed full of valuable information.
Return Your Dog's Devotion: We will share the knowledge we've gained from our hands-on experiences with dogs and from our ongoing research about dog food, nutritions, dog behaviors, dog exercise, dog walking, and travel with dog.

Leather Dog Collars
Genuine Leather Dog Collars and Leashes, Hand-Crafted from Premium Leathers and solid brass hardware.

A Dog Lover
A Dog Lover is a blog sharing valuable content about dogs.

Small Fluffy Dog Breeds
All about the cutest small breed dogs. Everything from breed information, choosing a dog, puppy training, caring for your dog and more. is an online resource for dog parents looking for practical advice, reviews and guides.

The Poodle (and dog) blog
Celebrating the remarkable, the ordinary, and the very funny dogs who live among us.

Hudson Im Kind Of A Big Deal
This is a humorous blog written through the eyes of an incredible handsome, smart Boston Terrier to try to educate people about dogs.

Dog Tails
This blog, from DogWatch Hidden Fences, shares the latest dog training and dog health tips with dog lovers everywhere.

Community of Dogs and Puppies Lovers
Site for dog lovers, a perfect place to read/write articles and post comments to each article, where everyone has their own private blog and photo gallery where the most interesting things are published from puppies' lives. Users can add dogs photos to the gallery, films, and much more. There is also a place for community ads - most of them are from professional breeders.

Feeding A Dog
Feeding a dog focuses on providing dogs with the best and most nutritious foods possible in order to ensure their vitality and longevity.

Dog Owners Guide
Lots of dog informational articles, dog breed information, training tips, health information, and more.

Digital Dog
Dog training information, dog bite prevention, a complete directory of breed listings, information about adopting dogs from animal shelters, and a dog forum.
Sign up for a free daily email of cute dog pictures and puppy photos. Shop our online pet store for the best organic dog food, dog treats, natural remedies, natural pet food, and pet supplies. Watch adorable videos, submit your dog's photo, and more!

A Tale For Max
Web Site inspired by a rescued dog from the PA SPCA. Includes pet rescue links, pet memorial, FREE desktop calendar, FREE Ringtones, java script games, and web site development tips and tricks.

Natural Dog Products
Natural dog products and tips for dog lovers.

PetHairPatrol is about helping you find the best solution to remove pet hair from your home. Please share your cleaning tips with other pet owners!

Pets Happy Hour
Pets Happy Hour is created from enthusiasm and love for pets, and animals in general. Find the latest pet news, helpful tips, and articles.

CannaBiDog offers cbd for dogs. Chewable tablets with Rich Hemp Oil for dogs, a blend of healthy fats and anti-inflammatory oils that may support your dog's health and wellness. Tinctures which may help with anxiety and stress, and bring about calm behavior for your dog.

Dog Tips
Dog Tips is a site for dog lovers to get expert information on dog & puppy training, obedience, nutrition, health and more.

Happy Dog Days
Happy Dog Days offers a high quality range of services which will meet all the needs of owning and caring for your dog. I personally offer five services:

Dog Training
Dog Walking
Dog Taxi
I.D. Dog Tags

The training is done with a friendly manner and reward based. Happy Dog Days website also provides many other useful services: Find a dog, if you are looking for a particular breed of dog or maybe a rescue dog, you might find your next best friend on this site. A lost dog section so you can report lost, found and reunited dogs. Advertisement i.e., dog insurance, vets and groomers etc. Dog data, such as A-Z of dog breeds and health care etc and a shop containing your day to day needs. Our site is also a very social website with a forum, gallery, and an events section. I hope the honest caring nature of Happy Dog Days Shines throughout the website and hope both the website and myself can be of help to you and your dog now and in the future.

Amicusblack's blog
I am a writer/painter living in Powell River, British Columbia, and my blog is dedicated to the awesome adventures of Amicus, the four-year-old Collie/Shepherd cross I recently adopted from the BCSPCA!

Stellas Mopsseite
Hier könnt ihr euch viele Bilder und Videos von mir anschauen. Vielleicht ist ja auch der ein oder andere interessante Link für euch dabei. (Here you can look many pictures and watch videos of me. Maybe there's also something else interesting for you here (German Dog Site about Stella Pug).

Harry's Blog
Hello and welcome to Harry's Blog! In July 2011 we welcomed our new adoptee Harry to our home in Ipswich, Suffolk UK. I have created this blog to showcase various aspects of Harry's day to day life, and the things he likes to get up to. I have included lots of pictures, videos and information that I think may be of interest to you my readers.

Dog's Resources
Find information and advice on how to train your dog, dog product reviews, dog health and wellness, and other answers to your dog-related questions.

The Homepage of Labrador Zrna
The Homepage of Zrna tells a lot about their lives, their people and of course their vacations and hobbies. You can find there are lots of pictures and videos that describe some situations in their lives. Reports of the meeting many dogs can also be found on their homepage. Just stop by and leave a greeting in the guestbook.

Dog Express
DogExpress is an all-inclusive information hub dedicated to dogs. You can find exclusive information on dog breeds, dog health care tips, dog images,lifestyle, news for dog lovers, stories and much more.

A site that provides high-quality information to help dog owners and their canine companions live a joyful and healthy life together.

Pupster Passion USA
Pupster Passion USA is a website and blog created to help dogs and their owners with everything from healthy snack to obedience training.

World Of Puppies
Everything about dogs. For dog lovers all around the world.

Hypoallergenic Dogs
We provide information about allergy-free cat breeds and dogs that don't shed. These are hypoallergenic dogs and cats that are good for people who have pet allergies.

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them
Find information and advice on dog training, dog product reviews, dog health and wellness, and other answers to your dog-related questions.

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